Teddy Raskin


Teddy founded Lights on the Lawn in 2012 as an on-campus benefit concert to support a recently paralyzed friend. Lights on the Lawn started at Vanderbilt University and has since expanded in the last two years to Indiana University and Tulane University. Since then Teddy has been the executive producer for the last six Lights on the Lawn events, responsible for securing talent, production, and sponsorship, as well as mentoring over 120 students who have been a part of the Lights on the Lawn program.

Teddy has also been a catalyst of the expansion of Lights on the Lawn. Having formerly worked for the Category Management teams at Ticketmaster and Live Nation, Teddy gained valuable insights and experiences within the entertainment space and was able to analyze its business drivers. Teddy has always been involved in philanthropic efforts and is a firm believer that live events should be used to generate a positive impact in local communities. Teddy currently is a board member of the Mary Parrish Center, a center for survivors of sexual and domestic abuse, and the partner of Lights on the Lawn Vanderbilt. Teddy strives every day to continue building Lights on the Lawn to allow them to help more communities across the country.

Photo of Teddy Raskin
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