Turning up the volume, one show at a time

Our Services

We provide a wide range of services, capable of meeting the demands of any concert, and ensuring that they are taken to the next level.


Event Management

Our expert staff will work with student-leaders to plan, promote, and execute a professional caliber show.



We are able to provide sound, lighting, staging, and other production services to meet the requirements of any show.


Talent Buy

We can leverage our network and contact to secure universities and organizations top tier artists at competitive rates.



We invest in up and coming producers, looking to make impacts in their local communities. Through close partnerships, we are able to provide funding for the next generation of shows.



We can lend the expertise of our staff to any show, giving any production team access to our years of experience.



We encourage the participation of students throughout the process, offering a unique opportunity to learn how to professional produce concerts.


Job Placement

We leverage our industry connections and network to assist students that work with our producers to get jobs and internships.


Community Engagement

We work closely with communities and local charities in everything we do, to ensure that we are giving back to the communities that host us.